• Synthetic Stoppers
Synthetic Stoppers
The controlled permeability synthetic stopper
The stoppers are a fundamental tool to manage the last important phase of wine’s life: the maintenance and the refinement.
Only with a perfect closure’s knowledge and a control of permeability chosen, it’s possible to guarantee the quality of wine which the costumer will consume.
Synthetic stoppers with controlled permeability KORKED™ are produced by injection procedure in mono-cavity mould using high density polymers. The result is a stopper of 8,1 gr. weight (the highest density in market) which assures the perfect adherence to the bottle neck and an elevated level of elastic return.

Sezione Korked
Tappo Sintetico Korked

KORKED™ synthetic stoppers with controlled permeability membrane, can be realize in one of 8 color available on which is possible to print a logo, a writing or an image in black, white or silver ink.
Each stopper can be presented in 24 different aesthetical solution and can be combined to total bottle look and to the winery’s image.
Tappi Sintetici Korked

Technical form synthetic stoppers KORKED™


DIAMETER 25,5 mm


40 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)

40 mm (+/-0,5 mm)


8,1 gr (+/- 0,1 gr)

10,1 gr (+/-0,2 gr)


25 / 40 Kg

40 / 60 Kg


In accordance with the Community Directives and FDA


After 10 minutes since bottling: almost total (98%)


The stopper is lubrificated on the exterior side with a silicon solution to be used in contact with food in accordance with the Community Directives and FDA

Available Colors
Available Colors

Logo's available Colors
KORKED™ BLUE Low Permeability
For refinement’s wines
It’s a closure born to assure the protection of wine from any precocious oxidation but, at the same time, to prevent any reduction process. The levels of sulphurous anhydride and carbon dioxide do not change over time and there are no risks to lose aromas or wine freshness.
Perfect to assure the best maintenance over the time .
KORKED BLUE Bassa Permeabilità
KORKED™ PRO Medium Permeability
For refinement’s wines
Its membrane is thought to allow to wines with important structures to refine themselves and ageing over time, thanks to a natural oxygen absorption. The result will be a more intense and agreeable wine.
It is perfect to assure the best refinement into the bottle.
KORKED PRO Media Permeabilità


DLR MOSEL Tasting August 2012

The Viticulture and Oenology Dept. of public service centre to Agriculture of Mosel, has organized a bottling with the purpose to give to own associates a scientific information

on the different evolution that a white wine particularly aromatic such as Riesling, will have into the bottle consequently to the stopper used.

26 of the most important worldwide producers of stoppers have participated to this bottling allowing the comparison between natural corks, micro-agglomerated corks, synthetic stoppers, screw caps and glass stoppers.

Data published concerning sensorial tastings conducted by a panel of 73 judges on the 26 tested stoppers at 24 months from bottling made in August 2010 in according to three tasting criteria chosen and monitored by the jury have decreed as follow:

1° Favorite Wine: 1= very good / 6 = insufficient

KORKEDTM SPIN- (minus):2° classified (score: 2,63)

KORKED™ SPIN:7° classified

(score: 2,80)


2° Intensity of aromas / odours: 1= reduced / 7 = oxidized

KORKEDTM SPIN:1° classified (score: 3,36)

KORKED™SPIN:2° classified (score: 3,38)

3°Intensity of aromas / odours : 1= not defined/musty / 7 = very well defined

KORKEDTM SPIN- (minus):1° classified (score: 4,98)

KORKED™SPIN:5° classified (score: 4,76)

The best classified between the 26 tested closures is result to be KORKEDTM SPIN- (minus), closure with low permeability designed for white aromatic wines, with a total score of 1,3.

Moreover at the third place we find KORKEDTM SPIN, closure with medium permeability, which demonstrates as the correct management of oxygen allows may exalt the wine organoleptic characteristics.

This tasting confirms the excellent results in terms of evolution of wine in bottle and so the tasting ones that KORKEDTM SPIN closures allow to obtain. The results in fact, demonstrate as the choice of closure with the correct permeability suitable for the type of bottled wine, allows an amplification of its own sensorial characteristics.


Wine Testing Results

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