The main factors to determine the correct permeability

The closures KORKED allow to the oenologist to choose between different levels of permeability, choosing the type of stopper which exalt the organoleptic characteristics of its own bottled wine.

But what are the major aspects to analyze for determining the correct permeability of KORKED SPIN screw cap to use? Factors to consider when choosing are essentially four:

    • Structure of the wine A delicate structure requires an adding of oxygen extremely low, while a more structured wine needs much more oxygen for its refinement. Examples: An aromatic white wine such as Riesling requires a low adding of oxygen, while a structured red wine with a high presence of tannins (antioxidants) and anthocyanins (astringents), such as cabernet, needs a higher quantity of oxygen.
    • Processing Method The wine is in contact, in very variable quantities, with oxygen in all its phases of production in relation to the structures and the production technique used by the winery. The same wine produced in steel tanks or refined in barrique will require, during aging in bottle, of closures with different permeability. Examples: Brunello of Montalcino, after 24/36 months in barrique, having already absorbed enough oxygen, must be obligatorily stoppered with a closure with low permeability.
    • Shelf Life As for all the foods, also for the wine its own evolution and life are highly correlated to the contribution of oxygen. The purpose is to manage the permanence of the wine in the bottle so that it can reach its highest sensorial expression at the time of consumption. Examples: a sangiovese which will be drunk after 12 months from bottling, for expressing its best own characteristics and fragrance should be stoppered with a closure with medium-high permeability; the same wine which will be drunk after 60 months will require a closure with medium-low permeability
    • Style At the end, is the winemaker that has to decide the identity to give to its product. For each wine he chooses if it would be better to preserve the wine’s features as bottled or if it would be better to research an ageing in the bottle to reach the correct refinement.

From 2009 KORKED SPIN screw caps are used by the all major wineries from very important stated from the oenological point of view (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, South Africa) with excellent results. In each case it was suggested to the winery the correct permeability according to its wine features and according to its specific needs. Consult us to define what is the optimal closure to refine your wine.